SF-S (security) and SF-S (services) are looking for you!

With SF-S you follow the training if your passion is security.
Our students are driven, representative, eager to learn, willing to work changing shifts and understand what is expected of them.

If you would like to do further training or specialize, you can contact us for Company Emergency Response (BHV), Security Guard Plus, Security Profiler (MBO +) and Predictive Profiling (HBO +).

With SF-S you follow the training if your heart goes out to service.
Our students are service-oriented, representative, and love to provide optimal service. A service with a smile!

We and all our students have one goal for the future: a great job with a fantastic employer!


SF-S offers the following education and training:



  • Aggression prevention training
  • Hotel Security
  • Client-oriented action / conflict management
  • Practical training for Museum security officers
  • Training for concierge and building managers
  • Visitation
  • Store surveillance


Safety First Security is looking for you! At Safety First Security you follow the training if your passion is security.

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