Company emergency response (CER)

Company emergency response (CER)

This basic emergency response course is intended for employees who are designated to act as company emergency response officers in the event of an emergency. After the course you will know how to act in case of fire, accidents and in case of evacuation and how to act in a life-saving way.


Day 1: First Aid

  • the five points of first aid
  • bringing victims to safety
  • assessing a victim
  • Resuscitation
  • stable side position
  • bleeding
  • burns
  • Heimlich
  • fractures and bruises

In addition, extra attention is paid to: faintness, dizziness, falling on the head, shock, diabetes, hyperventilation, recognizing a stroke.

Day 2: Fire and Evacuation (Theory)

  • what is a company emergency response worker
  • alarm
  • evacuate
  • small extinguishers
  • Hazardous Substances

The emphasis is strongly on applicability within your organization.

If the result is satisfactory, you will receive a certificate and an emergency response card (Company Emergency Response Officer ”from the“ NIBHV ”).

Course duration:
The course consists of two days, but an accelerated course of one day is also possible.

Extra service:
We keep your entire emergency response administration up to date. The expiry periods of the certificates are monitored by us and we invite the participants again for a repeat.

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