Security Guard Plus

Training Security Guard Plus

Purpose of the training:
Acting proactively in Security: learning insights and skills within the context of Hospitality and Security

Suitable for:

  • Security guards
  • Invigilators
  • Hospitality Staff
  • Hosts and hosts
  • Public Transport staff
  • Facility Staff

In the continuous course Security Guard Plus (security) employees are trained in new insights and skills to move from a reactive attitude to a proactive attitude in security.


Security Guard Plus
In this training, the content of the “Security Plus” is set as a learning objective.

“Security Plus” means that you have knowledge and skills with regard to the method of malicious intent, that you can recognize this method at an early stage, and that you can actually prevent the incident through a customer-friendly intervention.

The Security Guard Plus training consists of 4 days. The content of the training is further described in the module description below.

Module description Security Guard Plus training

Service & Safety Module - 2 days
In order to introduce every security guard to the proactive security vision, we start with a basic Service & Safety module, which provides insight into the methodology and introduces the student to the necessary hospitality idea. As a result, we create a mindset change among the security officers from reactive to proactive customer-friendly action.

Topics covered during this module:

  • Gain insight into proactive security
  • Awareness / awareness of the proactive security method
  • Commitment to the proactive security methodology
  • Mindset change
  • Teach methodology proactive security
  • Recognizing deviant behavior
  • Customer friendliness / customer focus (Hospitality)


Module Red Teaming - 1 day, practice
In this module, employees will experience for themselves what deviant behavior does to them. They slip into the shoes of the malicious person, as it were. By experiencing this themselves, employees will gain a better understanding of the proactive methodology, which has a positive effect on the quality of the performance.

The module is concluded with an evaluation in which film images provide extra clarity for the student.

Topics covered during this module:

  • Red Teaming in practice
  • Experience for yourself what deviant behavior does to you

* Security Questioning Module - 1 day, theory and practice
This module teaches how a customer-friendly conversation can be used to find out the intention of the deviant behavior. This module is particularly suitable for combining hospitality with security.

Topics covered during this module:

  • Having a customer-friendly conversation
  • By asking questions, finding out intentions
  • Behavior and attitude
  • Mirror effect (what and how do other people see you)
  • Role playing

General information training Security Plus Plus:
The courses are given in the training centers The Hague and Aerdenhout. After successfully completing all the above modules, the student receives the diploma “Security Guard Plus”.

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