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Training Security Guard MBO2

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A new group starts every 6 weeks!

Purpose of the training:
The aim of the training is to train the participant for the professional diploma of Security Guard at MBO2 level (CREBO 25407).

Theory training:
We offer the theory training in the following way:

  • The training lasts 15 weeks, 1 fixed day per week from 16.00:22.00 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm.
  • A new group starts every 6 weeks.
  • Lesson days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

This training is intended for people who, in addition to the regular training days, will do a practical internship at a recognized work placement company.
Participants must have at least a VMBO level.
The training is given at our training location in Gouda.
A class consists on average of a maximum of 12 people.

The theory courses related to specific security are examined by the SVPB, and are the following:

  • Legal Framework Basis
  • Object Security Basic
  • Perceive Basis

To be eligible for the MBO 2 diploma Security Guard (Crebo 25407), the aforementioned modules are supplemented with:

General subjects:
To obtain the MBO security diploma, the student must also pass a number of mandatory exams, these are the following:

  • Dutch
  • To calculate
  • Career & Citizenship

Choice courses:
In the new MBO every student takes an elective course. The trainer offers various optional subjects, some as an extension, others as a deepening of the curriculum. We offer the following electives:

  • Proactive Security
  • Dutch 3F
  • English 2A

The subjects Dutch, English Arithmetic and Learning, Career & Citizenship are largely offered in the form of home study; the student has access to an online learning environment in which a tailor-made teaching package is offered in preparation for the exams.

To apply for any exemptions for the MBO modules Career & Citizenship and Dutch, our exemption scheme can be used. We also offer the opportunity to improve your current level. This is assessed per case.

Theory exam:
The subject-specific exams are conducted by the SVPB. The exam is taken on the computer, at the exam location of the SVPB in Amersfoort. The general exams are taken at our own exam location at CITO.

Practical exam:
The parts of the practical exam consist of making a specific report on the computer and 3 role plays (practical action). Skills tests that relate to the core tasks of the Security Guard training course: identifies risks and takes preventive measures / acts repressively and performs service tasks.

The practical exam may only be taken when the student has taken the Theory exam, and when the practical workbook has been fully completed and signed off during the internship period. The trainer must also positively assess the practical workbook before the practical exam can be requested.

In preparation for the practical exams, students receive practical training in the classroom to be well prepared for the exams.

Practical training (Internship):
To obtain the MBO diploma Security Guard, it is mandatory to do an internship at a recognized training company designated by the S-BB. Safety First Security is recognized by the S-BB as a training company. The internship can only take place subject to a screening and permission from the police. A so-called green proof of identity is then issued with which the student must complete his compulsory internship hours within one year after delivery.

Re-exams can be requested directly through the trainer or the student himself / herself at the SVPB.
Exam costs differ per exam component, the prices can be found on the website of the SVPB. Re-exams usually take place within 4 weeks of request, depending on the holiday period (s).

Study load:
In addition to the hours to be worked for the theoretical and professional practice-forming part, each participant will have to take into account study load hours at home. However, this differs per participant and will partly depend on the previous education.

Duration of the training:
The length of the total Security Guard training (theoretical and practical part including exams) will be approximately 6 months at full deployability.

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