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Training HBO Predictive Profiler

Manager's module - 7 days

The manager must be able to implement the proactive security process in the organization and to coach her employees in the methodology. For this is the post HBO training Predictive Profiling theory that we offer under license from the European Security Intelligence Foundation (ESIF). An exam will be taken for this, which, if the result is satisfactory, entitles you to the diploma Predictive Profiling theory. After obtaining it, it is possible to obtain the practical diploma Predictive Profiling, which entitles you to the letters CSP (Certified Security Profiler) after your surname.

What is Predictive Profiling
Predictive Profiling is a proactive security method to detect and categorize a possible criminal or terrorist action at an early stage, based on the analysis of observed deviant behavior on a situation person or object. This makes it possible to stop and / or prevent incidents early.

Purpose of the training
You will be offered the possibilities to implement the proactive Predictive Profiling security method within your own organization and you will be able to recognize persons and situations based on suspicious indicators and to respond appropriately.
In our renewed training, a Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) / work assignment is made for your organization together with you during the entire training, so that the learned is immediately applicable for your organization.

Predictive Profiling - for whom is the diploma valuable
Predictive Profiling can in principle be carried out by all employees who work in the area to be protected. The training is most suitable for professionals who work with safety issues and want to prevent incidents at an early stage, i.e.

  • security managers who are responsible for the integral security process;
  • security advisors within government, industry, non-profit organizations and healthcare;
  • executives of private security organizations;
  • managers dealing with violence against employees;
  • police officers, the judiciary and special investigative services;
  • government departments, company investigators; HR managers.

Topics covered during this module:

  • Risk positions
  • Making SOP
  • Implementation and assurance methodology
  • Work and way of thinking of malicious
  • Think from the perspective of the opponent
  • Recognizing deviant behavior
  • Threats and risks, various analyzes
  • The three port model
  • Red Teaming
  • Lie detection
  • Security Questioning
  • Organization and personnel

General information Predictive Profiling training:
The courses are given in the training centers The Hague and Aerdenhout.

Practice assignment Predictive Profiling:
After obtaining the Diploma Predictive Profiling theory, it is also possible to obtain the Diploma Predictive Profiling practice. During the development of the Diploma Predictive Profiling practice, you will learn to apply your acquired theoretical knowledge for the development of a Standard Operational Procedure for your organization.


After you have presented the report of the practical assignment to the Examination Board of the IBEX and have obtained the Diploma Predictive Profiling practice, you can register in the National Security Register of the CERPRO foundation.

You are then entitled to place the letters CPE (Certified Profiling Expert) after your surname.


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