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In addition to guiding and supporting the private sector SF-S with great regularity candidates with a greater distance to the labor market, coming from, among others, benefits agencies (Reintegration) and Outplacement, during the training and learning / workplace.
SF-S has now developed a unique formula that enables them to individually hit the right strings during the accompaniment. We try to improve less developed competencies. It is not for nothing that it is called “your strength is your weakness”… we turn it around!

Not being able to find a job due to age
Dismissal or bankruptcy
Retraining necessary for other work
Bad experiences in education

The above examples are common. When you have been in a certain profession for years, with heart and soul and your place is taken by a younger force. Or the company goes bankrupt? Where are you then? Your age does not contribute to the labor market, and you cannot just choose another profession because you do not have the right education.
Often the only way out seems to be to ask a benefit agency for help.

SF-S offers a helping hand in this. It is important that you get used to a new future. Obviously that is not possible if you do not enjoy what you do. That is why it is important that you feel at home, during the classroom lessons, in the workplace during your internship and during training.
And if you need help, you can always come to us.
As soon as you have obtained your diploma, a new world will open up for you!

SF-S helps you enter the future with confidence!

If you would like to know more about this training, please contact us.

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